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Welcome. This site exists for people wishing to optimize their own health and wellbeing naturally and holistically (on emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual levels). It is a pleasure to share with you a lifetime’s passion for and study of various natural healing methods.

Open your heart and mind to the opportunities…  Here, with Hopes Holistic Health, you may simply:

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  • Learn some self-empowering techniques – online; and
  • Experience a personal Consultation or therapy Treatment (online; at a relaxing home-based treatment room with massage bed; or via distance healing).

It began with a passion

Michaela’s passion for holistic health and wellbeing began when studying food and nutrition in her teens. During her 20’s she discovered Naturopathy; by changing her diet and taking whole food supplements she eliminated toxic metals and gout from her system, massively improving her energy levels in the process.

Later, borderline gestational diabetes was managed without conventional medical intervention, following a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner’s recommendation for colour therapy and a different nutritional programme. This was so successful, the diabetes issue did not even occur during a subsequent pregnancy, which was a breeze. Ever since, complementary and natural healing for herself and her children has been the preferred choice of treatment, for overall health and wellbeing.

The passion became a journey

Crediting the Hong Kong-based Australian Naturopath and Chinese TCM Practitioner for starting her on this journey of natural health and wellbeing, Michaela has gained a significant amount of knowledge and first-hand experience over the years. This experience has included using Baby Massage, Homeopathy; Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Therapy; Holistic Orthodontics; Osteopathy and Cranio-sacral therapy; Acupuncture, Reflexology; Physiotherapy; PEKiP (Prague Parent-Infant Program); Colour Therapy; Aromatherapy; Colonic Hydrotherapy; Reiki; Pranic Healing; and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as ‘Tapping’.

Time to share

Feeling present in New Age humanitarian energy, Hopes Holistic Health has been formed as a way of ‘giving back’ and ‘sharing’ with those who are drawn to ‘alternative’, ‘holistic’ or ‘complementary’ health practices – whichever you prefer to call it. Our intention is simply to be of value.

It hasn’t all been about optimal health

Meanwhile, Michaela progressed from an early career as an hotelier (Sales & Marketing for Hilton Hong Kong and Sheraton UK); to work as Personal Assistant for several owner-operators in hospitality supplier and related industries, including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Uniquely, she became involved as an Associate, with a private entrepreneurial project formed to introduce Hydroponics (soil-less agriculture) to Vietnam 20+ years ago. The objective was to provide clean food for health and wellbeing. Michaela is delighted to see there are finally community-wide developments in this area (aka urban farming/agriculture).

Early 2015, Michaela began offering online secretarial services, such as audio transcriptions; Masters/PhD proof-reading and/or formatting theses, as a Virtual Personal Assistant. She has recently completed a suite of Social Media Marketing studies and is providing these skills to small business owners locally and online internationally, under the name ‘Qwerty Girl Virtual Assistant’.

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Energy shifted the vibe

An effervescent multi-tasker and avid learner, Michaela’s open-minded, natural curiosity progressively led her to what Donna Eden and others call ‘Energy Medicine’. Initially studying Carol Tuttle’s Chakra 7 online course independently, she then trained in Rose Alchemy (with Hampshire-based Sandra Marie Humby). Keen to develop authentic, practical skills to help others optimize their wellbeing, Michaela qualified in Jikiden Reiki (the ‘original, purest, form’ of Japanese Reiki); Advanced Pranic Healing (developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, in which ‘prana’, or ‘life-force’ energy is used to restore balance and harmony to the body’s processes); and as an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner (2014).

Michaela works mostly from home (Hampshire, UK), where there is a dedicated, relaxing therapy room. She is also available for online EFT Tapping Therapy consultations (via Skype/other).

Late 2016, she qualified as Energist Trainer in Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques (EEFT) and began organising regular training workshops for small groups or individuals (Skype/Google+), either online or at a mutually convenient venue. Please see Upcoming Events for the dates of Energy EFT Training Workshops (Foundation and/or Master Practitioner levels).

Valuable previous experience

In her spare time, Michaela attained a First Class BSc (HONS) International Hospitality & Tourism Management (2012); Preliminary Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS, 2014); and CertTESOL (2010). This last qualified her to teach English as a (Foreign) Second Language to refugees and asylum seekers in Southampton, which she has enjoyed and found extremely rewarding. Interestingly, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) would be a fantastic tool for helping this community!

Returning full circle, to the original passion for Nutrition

Finally, Michaela has just enrolled on a Certified course with the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), which promotes a living, whole foods diet and exercise programme… so, full circle, back to optimum health through diet, exercise and lifestyle health management…  Journey with her!

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