Energy EFT Training

Hopes Holistic Health conducts regular training courses accredited by the Guild of Energists (GoE)

Energy EFT Foundation and  Energy EFT Master Practitioner

Change your future by evolving your energy system! Then help others do the same!

How? Energy EFT Training is about self-empowerment:

  • Learn how to heal and re-energize by ‘shifting’ your energy
  • Experience more joy and optimism in daily life by literally Tapping for Energy
  • Have your attention drawn to your sixth sense as you are shown how to re-establish the connections between energy movements in the energy body, emotions, language and behaviour
  • Plenty of time for practice and practical application included

Who for? Anyone!

  • Looking to improve your own experiences of life?
  • Feel drawn to help others (family/friends)?
  • Interested in becoming an Energy EFT Master Practitioner or Energist Trainer yourself and boost your income potential in the process?


  • The format and schedule – even payment – can be flexible.  It’s very suited to individuals/small groups in person or online (Skype/Google Hangouts/Other)

Learn and share this powerful tool

It would be wonderful to see it used to benefit the lives of others, particularly those most vulnerable in society – stressed teens; abused women/children; overwhelmed refugees…

It can all start here

Introductory talks/presentations as a precursor to an Energy EFT workshops/training event are a great way to share in just a few hours! Why not organise an Energy EFT event yourself?

Understand our passion for teaching people to help themselves


Give Back

Energy EFT Foundation – 1 Day Training – Full details here

  • Available and open to everyone
    • No problem if you never even heard of Tapping! This course is a great starting point for complete beginners.
    • Also suitable for existing EFT users, including practitioners keen to develop their skills and knowledge.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner –  3 Days Training – Full details here

  • This course is the first major update on the theory and practice of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques since 1999. You will learn the most recent, comprehensive methods and techniques.
  • Existing EFT Practitioners  (and EEFT Foundation beginners above), have an opportunity to develop their skills, even improve their income potentially – Master Practitioner certification is a pre-requisite for the next level, Energist Trainer.

The courses are fun as well as rewarding! Check dates for our upcoming Energy EFT Training Workshops at Events and Retreats.

Terms and Conditions

If you wish to read our full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Practitioner/Trainer Experience

A qualified Energist Trainer since 2016, Michaela believes Energy EFT is one of the most useful resources anyone can use on their journey in personal development and self-healing.

It is a quick and easy everyday tool for self-managing a wide variety of issues including:

  • low self-esteem;
  • bullying;
  • abuse;
  • relationships;
  • eating disorders;
  • travel sickness; and
  • anxiety – any stress (exams; major life changes – divorce, relocation, grief).

How she wishes she had heard of Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) earlier, to help her through her own challenging life experiences! As a practitioner, however, these experiences enable Michaela to empathize with and support her clients.


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