Life Transformation

Today the energy feels right for my first blog post about a personal journey to transform my life and health. The past year, since this website and business were first set up has been incredibly busy and intense, with many challenges along the way. Not least of these were the consequences of my decision to become a student again – not once, but twice!

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol Online Programme

Jumping at an opportunity to enroll on a 3-year Diploma course in Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, starting in February of this year, I also signed up (without too much thought) for the Online Programme provided by the Hippocrates Health Institute to learn about their Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol.  My raw/vegan foodie friends had introduced me to it via a talk held by one of their ‘Pot Luck Club’ acquaintances. I felt the two courses would be complementary (I was right) and that the latter would be interesting (it was) since I knew very little about a vegan diet and even less about eating raw food! However, I was mistaken in thinking it would be a quick and easy ‘warm-up’ before the Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma (oops)!

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Programme was so, so much more in depth than I ever expected and has been a fascinating journey of videos, presentations and webinars.  Not only have I learned about the many health benefits of plant-based, living foods, but I’ve also been shown how to grow them for myself as well – or source them locally in the UK. In addition, I’ve learned about myself and grown spiritually and emotionally as a result. Who would have anticipated that, from a nutrition course?

Surprisingly, for a course about food and healthier living, the content does not simply cover the nutritional benefits of plant-based, raw, living foods and how to prepare these foods. Topics also included: the science behind the Living Foods protocol; our belief systems; sustainability; liquid nourishment; exercise and longevity as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  It has certainly taken me a lot longer to digest the content of this in-depth programme than I had envisaged. And it was incredibly thought-provoking – especially the final assignment (there are also short multiple-choice tests at the end of each module).

Was it worth it?  Yes, most definitely. So much so that I signed on to do the Hippocrates Lifestyle Coaching programme and am looking forward to sharing this powerful way of empowering oneself as a qualified Coach. If you are interested in finding out more about this course click here for the syllabus.

Stay tuned for more about my journey of transformation to a living, plant-based diet and lifestyle.