Hippocrates Lifestyle Protocol

Introducing the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol

 ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ – Hippocrates

Ever-increasing evidence supports the view that healthy eating may best be achieved consuming plant-based, organic and living food.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol offers current, cutting-edge, health guidance and education. Encouraging the avoidance of eggs, dairy products, meat and all refined and processed foods, the main aim is to prevent, delay and reverse chronic conditions with optimal nutrition gained from a whole foods, plant-based diet – and exercise.

Anticipating this ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ will become the future in healthcare, the Hippocrates Health Institute promotes an integrated healthcare ‘protocol’ approach toward the prevention and management of chronic degenerative disease

Who was Hippocrates?

Hippocrates was a Greek Physician who lived over 2,500 years ago. Commonly thought of as the ‘The Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates based his medical practice on the study of the human body and observation. He believed all illnesses have a rational, physical explanation and that the body must be treated as a whole rather than as a series of separate parts.

The Hippocrates Health Institute

This concept is what the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), founded by the humanitarian Ann Wigmore, is based upon.  Like Hippocrates, the Institute also teaches others how to help themselves and to achieve extraordinary health, essentially promoting the natural healing process of a good diet, rest, good hygiene and plenty of fresh air. For over 60 years, many have benefited from the cutting edge research behind the health and nutritional counselling on offer at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

At its huge site in West Palm Beach, Florida, the HHI also offers a multitude of other remedial therapies to clients from all over the world.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol

Meanwhile, the comprehensive online Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Programme teaches the science and practicalities behind implementing an organic, vegan and living foods, plant-based lifestyle. A brief glimpse into the Hippocrates Lifestyle highlights sprouts and green juices including wheatgrass as the ‘living foods’ component of the protocol.

Increasingly more people are paying closer attention to their diet and well-being. Most of us know, for example, somebody who is avoiding meat and/or dairy products, cutting out alcohol and/or reducing sugar intake for various health reasons. There is now greater acceptance of those who choose to be vegetarian, vegan or who require special diets (such as gluten-free or nut-free), due to allergies. Organic foods arguably exist because of a market demand generated by those who preferred naturally grown, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. Supermarket shelves today demonstrate this ‘awakening’. The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol takes this even further, by also recommending living and raw, because cooking destroys valuable nutrients – and supports it with over sixty years of scientific research. Many previous ‘truths’ about protein sources, certain ‘essential’ nutrients required by the body etc., are being disproved.

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Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


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