Introducing Pranic Healing

Ever heard of Pranic Healing?

The word ‘prana‘, from which Pranic Healing originates, means ‘vital life-force’ in Sanskrit; in acupuncture, the Chinese use ‘Chi‘ (or ‘Ki‘) to describe this subtle energy; the Polynesians know it as ‘Mana‘, and in Hebrew, it is ‘the Breath of Life’.

Pranic Healing was created and developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, a Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher and energy master. Now highly evolved, the Pranic Healing system of energy medicine involves using ‘Prana’ to balance and transform the physical body’s energetic processes. This invisible ‘vital life-force energy‘ keeps the body alive and maintains it in a state of good health

What Pranic Healing is

Pranic Healing‘ was created and developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, as a comprehensive system of energy medicine, designed to improve the quality of our daily lives. The concept is that ordinary people can practice Pranic Healing by learning, in just a short time, how to deal with simple health issues, which is empowering. A trained Pranic Healer, however, will have a well-rounded education in Energy Healing and other Esoteric Sciences.

Master Choa Kok Sui felt Pranic Healing is an effective way in which to increase personal health and energy; through drawing upon and controlling our supply of ‘Prana‘ we can experience life as being more fulfilling. The ultimate goal of Pranic Healing is not only to learn how we can heal our aches, pains and illnesses but to become consciously aware that we are all interdependent. When we come to realize that our choices, energetically as well as physically, have an effect on everyone around us and start contributing positive energy and emotions, then we begin to heal the world.

What Pranic Healing involves

Simple yet powerful, ‘no-touch’ Pranic Healing is based upon the principle that the body is self-repairing (think of how cuts, bruises, broken bones heal themselves). Rigorously tested and highly evolved, it is distinguishable from other healing therapies by its systematic and scientific approach – Pranic Healing does not involve drugs, gadgets nor direct, physical contact.

Rather, the practitioner works on the physical body’s surrounding ‘energy body’ – this is often known as the ‘aura’ – which absorbs life energy (‘chi‘ or ‘prana‘, remember), then distributes it throughout the physical body to the muscles, organs, glands and so on.

Pranic Healing focuses on the invisible ‘energy body’ because it affects our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships, even finances and the belief is that physical ailments initially appear as energetic disruptions in the aura, before subsequently manifesting as problems in the physical body.

Pranic Healing is becoming increasingly popular and is even being used by some in the medical professions, alongside conventional medicine. Many, such as doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists in the healing field have found it effective and easy to apply.

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Find out how you can benefit from Pranic Healing

”Life Energy’ or ‘Prana’ is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy.

Based on this principle, a healer can draw in Pranic Energy or Life Energy from the surroundings.”

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

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