Introducing Rose Alchemy

Introducing Rose Alchemy

Roses convey deep emotions… they also carry powerful frequencies which can offer healing support. Introducing Rose Alchemy, a vibrational medicine for the Heart, created and developed by Sandra Marie Humby in her passionate quest for the esoteric and sacred in life.

Simply, ‘Vibrational Medicine’ may be seen as a therapy or healing modality which uses energies (or vibrational frequencies) to help restore and maintain well-being. This re-alignment and re-balancing enable the natural magnetics of your Heart to radiate, optimizing your energy and increasing intuition. The Roses carry powerful frequencies which can offer healing, support and great insight in our collective evolutionary journey toward a new level of consciousness.

More about “Vibrational Medicine”

The philosophy on which ‘Vibrational Medicine’ is founded involves both scientific and spiritual principles – it is a ‘spiritual science’. There is also a book, or rather an Encyclopaedia of Energetic Healing Treatments, covering the subtle-energy fields: acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, homoeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, chakras, meditation and psychic healing. The author, American Dr Gerber, is trained in a variety of alternative therapies as well as conventional Western medicine; he explains the current theories as to how the various energy therapies work and offer insights into both the physical and spiritual perspectives of health and disease. ‘Vibrational Medicine’ is developing a reputation, becoming more widely accepted by individuals, schools and health-care institutions.

Back to the Roses of Rose Alchemy…

Perfect in their Sacred Geometry, it is the Roses’ unique, energetic codes (vibrations of pure love), which allow the Heart access to your residual stories and inner blocks, gracefully transforming them and increasing the feeling of love and flow in your life.

So, Rose Alchemy is a tool by which ‘Human Heart Activation’ in enabled – empowering you to better recognize and access your intuitive insight and heart intelligence, enhancing your life experiences.

Sacred Geometry explained

Structures, designs and patterns exist everywhere in nature – from the tiniest of particles invisible to the naked eye to the huge expanse of the universe (or cosmos, if you prefer).  The science of Sacred Geometry is simply the study of the patterns, shapes and ratios found in the natural world:

  • Sacred’, because if certain physical laws in nature exist, then the belief (originating in ancient times), is that these laws do so because they are pleasing to God, offering a window to His mind. The symbolism is the principle of ‘inter-connectedness and inseparability’, which continually reminds us of our relationship to ‘the whole’.
  • Geometry’, because there are certain forms and shapes in our world – the fractal branching of trees, neurons and rivers; the ‘flower of life’ found in the stacked atoms of certain crystals, or that of the golden ratio (phi, ø) found in the human face and hands, for example, which we can’t help but notice and ‘wonder’ at. There is no mathematical solution for Phi, it is infinite and uniquely found to be incorporated into all known organic structures. Referred to by Plato as ‘the key to the physics of the cosmos’, the value of Phi is approximately 1.6180339++. Also known as the golden mean, it is visible in the seed pattern of a sunflower, the spiral form of the Nautilus, the proportions of human and animal skeletons, even in some types of cactus plants. This ratio Phi appears to be a geometric blueprint for life itself.

Our predecessors awarded specific, religious meanings to numbers and shapes and then began creating spiritual spaces and art based on them. This explains why we see cathedrals with a ‘square rose’ window featuring 12-sided symmetry (symbolizing the 12 apostles, as well as the abundance of particular symmetries in nature).  Furthermore, Sacred Geometry is a universal language and is not unique to Christianity; Buddhists created elaborate geometric mandalas symbolizing the universe and there many important universal ratios displayed in the architecture and design of the Egyptian pyramids or that of some Japanese temples.

Sacred Geometry illustrates how every natural form contains both beauty and function; it demonstrates how diverse elements can remain individually unique and yet be organized into a whole. It defines the ‘magic’ of nature’s pulses, wave motions and cycles as vibration and energy – don’t we intuitively know everything in the world is in a constant state of change… or ‘transformation’? There is no end, only change. All this growth and motion is ruled by mathematical laws… which is geometry.

Today, Sacred Geometry remains associated with spirituality, despite having diversified greatly, with each path borrowing from another.  Even scientists and mathematicians have long studied these natural shapes and forms, trying to answer related questions such as ‘Why is the world the way it is?’ and ‘How do plants and animals grow from single cells?’ and ‘What will happen in the future?

A brief history of Rose Alchemy

Rose Alchemy was birthed as the result of an intuitive, empathic decision to visit the Alhambra in Granada (Spain) when the roses were in bloom and calling for the full focus of Sandy Humby’s camera (2010).  Over the next 5 years, the Roses continued to whisper, urging Sandy to realise and develop their alchemical properties.

Initially, 11 roses formed the original Rose Healing Grid, which works energetically in the chakras (energy centres on the body).  Today, there are 45 stunning Roses, presented in a beautiful set – an Oracle for guiding your personal process of transformation and healing.

Who is Sandy Humby?

Creator of Rose Alchemy, Sandra Marie Humby had prior experience in Vibrational Medicine. Naturally sensitive and empathetic, Sandy’s journey started in 1993, with Usui Reiki.  She went on to study Meditation and Eastern philosophies, various energy healing modalities, coaching, counselling courses and ultimately Pranic Healing – a Chinese-Filipino energy healing modality.

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Experience the vibrational energy of the roses

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.


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