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Enjoy the benefits of Jikiden Reiki energy healing with Hopes Holistic Health.

Your Treatment may take place

  • In the relaxing environment of our warm, spacious Therapy Room; or you may
  • Receive Reiki in the comfort of your own home (within a 30-minute travel radius) if you are unable to travel.
  • Try Distance Healing – Reiki energy healing can be sent to you, anywhere in the world.

Fee £35.00 (Allow about 90 minutes per session).

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The co-founder of Jikiden Reiki, Tadao Yamaguchi received Reiki healing from his mother regularly for colds, headaches and (quite severe) injuries as a child. It is effective for all kinds of psychological and physical health issues. So cancer patients, people suffering from disabilities, even animals may receive Reiki energy and benefit from it.

There are no side effects as the treatment simply consists of laying hands on affected areas of the body.

Learn the origins of this therapy

An effective preventative healthcare tool, Reiki may also be applied in many more instances than just the following:

Energy is everything, it is the essence of life.

Therapist’s Experience

Michaela attends regular Jikiden Reiki Share evenings and Attunements (Reiju), as part of her professional development.  She is attuned in the ‘Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind’. Her technique and sensitivity to ‘byosen‘ are improving as she progresses toward the next level. Attaining Assistant Teacher (Shihan-kaku) requires a significant number of hours and treatment experience.

Familiar with Far Eastern culture and the concept of ‘chi’, Michaela’s preference is for this authentic, original and pure form of Japanese Reiki rather than ‘Western’.

She particularly values the main differential point between the two – ‘byosen‘ – the descriptive term for feeling the various levels of toxicity and ‘blockages’ in the body fluids.

The main appeal is that it is neither religious nor ‘spiritual’. With the emphasis being on physical treatment, it is available to everyone.

Just for today,
Don’t get angry,
Don’t worry,
Be grateful, Work hard
Be kind to others.

Mikao Usui

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