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The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol


The intent in following the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol is to successfully transform current personal daily habits into a new, healthier lifestyle. It is expected the benefits will be felt on several levels:


Improvements in health such as weight loss and increased vitality;
Improved emotional health (stress-free, purposeful and happy);
Improved fitness levels, through daily exercise.

For others:

  • Help people help themselves by sharing the knowledge;
  • Create success in life by demonstrating it;
  • Inspire others by successfully and authentically by transforming personal health and lifestyle;
  • Impact on a wider scale:
  • Develop community-spirit and stress-free relationships with family and others;
  • Decrease healthcare costs by reducing degenerative disease and contributing to community for a longer life-span;
  • Help end cruelty to animals; and
  • Positively impact sustainable agriculture.

Hopes Holistic Health offers:

Until the Protocol has been completed and certified status as an Educator, there will be a regular blog post sharing the journey.

Personal Experience

The values of the Hippocrates Health Institute and their Lifestyle Medicine Protocol resonate with Michaela's own:

  • A natural, integrated approach toward improving health, with optimal nutrition as the 'building bricks' or foundation;
  • Taking responsibility for personal growth, learning and healthcare;
  • Helped a Hong Kong based entrepreneur launch a pioneering Hydroponics project in Vietnam at a grass-roots, community level aimed at growing 'clean food', free of pesticides and Agent Orange contaminants. The extensive research involved highlighted commercial agricultural 'mal'-practices and the need for sustainable agriculture;
  • Energy Healing practice (in Reiki, Rose Alchemy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Pranic Healing) benefit emotional health and love, as well as mental and physical ailments through stress relief and re-balancing;
  • Making conscious food choices which benefit the environment and animals;
  • Regular, strength building exercise;
  • Intent on optimizing health and nutrition through cooking was the reason for becoming a Thermomix Advisor and owner - to minimize nutrient loss through steaming and healthier cooking method.

This fascination with how what we eat affects the body's health and performance began at age 16 - with credit to a dedicated Food & Nutrition teacher. Subsequently, Michaela learned a great deal from an Australian Naturopath (Hong Kong-based) who helped eliminate gout (due to ONE common additive in beef and pork products - tyramine!) and heavy metal toxins from her system. Then a Chinese TCM Practitioner, who helped her through a potentially life-threatening pregnancy; a Homeopath and mother (previously a medically-trained professional nurse) and Osteopath from Zimbabwe. All have influenced Michaela, who has always been passionate about improving her knowledge experience around the area of food, nutrition, holistic health and well-being. The intent is to become an 'expert' in this field.

So, the initial curiosity has became a passionate journey, which continues...  Today, Michaela has come to believe that not only is it essential to make the right food choices, but the 'you are what you eat' she grew up hearing, should more honestly be 'you are what you digest'. This is because gut health is such a crucial component of our well-being and she has a 'gut-feeling' that the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol will scientifically clarify this.

It was Hippocrates who after all, said 'All disease starts in the gut'.

Please see this page to learn more about this Protocol with Hopes Holistic Health.