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Pranic Healing with Hopes Holistic Health

Qualified in Advanced Pranic Healing, Michaela can offer you

  • a Treatment in our relaxing, cosy environment of the Therapy Room;
  • some Distant Healing; also
  • Space Clearing (cleanse your personal space at home)

Pranic Healing is a 'hands-off' therapy (does not involve touch)

Fee: £Donations accepted (Allow about 1-2.5 hours per treatment session).

Call now to discuss your requirements (consultation) and to book.


Effective and easy to apply, Pranic Healing has been found to be beneficial for many types of ailments such as migraines, cancer, injuries and including, for example, these below:

  • Asthma, colds and flu (the respiratory system)
  • Arthritis and back pain (the musculoskeletal system)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrom (gastro-intestinal issues)
  • Heart; blood, (i.e. the circulatory system)
  • Menstruation (reproductive system)

Other associated benefits often include:

  • Improvement in the ability to concentrate;
  • Enhanced memory;
  • Healthy body and mind; and
  • Increased motivation and drive.

Therapist's Experience

Michaela is enjoying building up her experience practising Pranic Healing on herself and others. Her intention is to complete Pranic Healing Level 3 (Psycotherapy) in the not too distant future, at which time she becomes a Registered Pranic Healer.

Visit Introducing Pranic Healing for the origins of therapy