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A 'Rosy Experience'

You are invited to experience the energies of the roses offering their unique support in re-balancing, re-energizing or simply prompting an internal energetic shift. Because 'change is an inside job', even the tiniest shift on the inside can help you 'transform' your life experiences (outside) in the world.

Hopes Holistic Health offers Single or Combined Experiences

The roses work well with either:

  • Emotional Freedom Technqiues (EFT)
  • Pranic Healing
  • Reiki - however, it is preferred that Jikiden Reiki treatments be practiced only in its pure, authentic form
  • Space clearing (Feng Shui) - using the Rose Ba Gua, there is even an opportunity for clearing your personal space at home.

You'll be presented with the 'Rose Oracle' and given the opportunity to 'feel' the right card(s) for you.

Remain open whilst allowing the energy of the Rose(s) to which you are drawn, work at a subtle level, meditating upon their message of guidance and support. Your magnetic heart organ, attracts people, places and opportunities which resonate with your inner stories and beliefs about yourself and your life. As you resolve these past stories and life issues ('triggers'), you become more positive, more receptive tolove and well-being. Be mindful this is just guidance – you may receive an impression which differs from what is in the accompanying written message.

Fee: £25.00 Single / £35.00 Combined Treatment (Allow about an hour to 90 minutes per session).

To experience the Roses' vibrational energy healing contact Hopes Holistic Health

Therapist's Experience

Michaela holds great respect for the vibrational healing properties of the Roses, regularly using her own set of 45 Rose Alchemy ('Oracle') cards in her healing work. Naturally, her particular set now incorporates Michaela's unique energetic imprint.

The Roses vibrational healing properties
  • The 11 Rose frequencies of the Rose Healing Grid help balance physical, mental and emotional energies by working directly on the body’s chakras
  • The Master Roses represent The Divine Masculine, The Divine Feminine and the Golden Flame
  • The Rose Angels work on the transformation of the 5 wounds to the Heart (Abandonment, Betrayal, Denial, Judgement and Separation), sometimes referred to as 'The Magdalene Wounds'
  • The Rose ‘Ba Gua (a Feng Shui term) set particularly resonate with Michaela, who lived in the Far East for many years These roses relate the space in which you live to specific areas in your life – your inner heart field
  • The final Rose Ma (Mother of The Rose) set consists of 11 gorgeous Roses whose beautiful energies represent the qualities of the Awakened and Empowered Feminine Heart - in both men and women.

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